January 2018

Regional Manager - NSW Operations

19.01.2018 - Posted by Matt Francey

We are looking for a smart, talented and passionate person to join us as the Regional Manager for our NSW Operations. Alluvium is a national leader in catchment and waterway management science, engineering and economics. 
We are passionate about the protection and enhancement of the world’s water resources, waterways, catchments and the communities that rely on them. We are seeking a manager who shares our vision and values. Ideally you will have a background in science, engineering or economics and will be able to demonstrate skills and passion for leading teams of professionals.
We see the role as being a mix of senior consulting and management and a large focus of the role will be expanding the technical offering of our teams in NSW and building the collaboration with other parts of the company.
If you feel it is time for a new challenge, we would love to talk to you. For a copy of the position description, contact details for further (completely confidential) discussion, and application details, please call Lucy Moon on 03 9421 2532 or email lucy.moon@alluvium.com.au

Alluvium launches Mosaic Insights

3.01.2018 - Posted by Kane Travis

For some time we have been working on a plan to redefine thinking in relation to catchments, rivers, coasts, water resources and communities. In 2016 we launched Natural Capital Economics to complement our skills in biophysical science, social science and engineering. NCEconomics is a unique economics practice, committed to the integration of science and economics in decision making. Since its launch NCEconomics has grown rapidly, and has delivered some of the more complex climate change economics work across Australia.

Building on our strategy, we are excited to launch Mosaic Insights. Mosaic Insights is focused on understanding social landscapes, and with a unique, evidence-based approach, create resilient, liveable landscapes that connect people, support ecological systems and increase economic opportunities.

We are very pleased to announce that Neil McCarthy has joined us to lead Mosaic Insights. Neil was the Founding Executive for the International Urban Parks & GreenSpace Alliance, and currently CEO of World Urban Parks. He supports Melbourne Water as a member of their liveability panel. Neil brings big picture thinking as well as extensive experience in planning for better ways of encouraging interaction between communities and their environment. Neil starts in January and we look forward to the next step in our evolution as a business.

We have put together a brief document on how it all comes together if you are interested. Please click here.