July 2012

PNG Helicopter Adventure

13.07.2012 - Posted by Misko Ivezich
Matt McIntyre and I spent the weekend flying around in a helicopter over the Markham River catchment near Lae, Papua New Guinea. We were there to undertake a geomorphic assessment.

Flying around in a helicopter gives a fantastic insight into how catchment processes influence a river’s form. Below are some photos from the trip. Where ever we landed, we were greeted by groups of friendly locals eager to have their picture taken. Some of the landscapes were pretty amazing, and the rates of geomorphic change, whether it be tectonic movement of hillslopes, to meander migration or just the enormous volume of sediment being transported around in rivers, was on a scale far greater then rivers I’m used to working on in south east Australia.

An island within the river

Village in a remote gorge

Matt MacIntrye collecting sediment samples

Misko Ivezich standing on a log bridge over a headwater stream