July 2017

Alluvium International

10.07.2017 - Posted by Kane Travis
Around 18 mths ago we decided to set up Alluvium International and see how our home grown Australian skills apply to the international market.  Happy to say that it has been a busy time and we have found there certainly is a need for our skills to help contribute to solving the complex water issues found in Asia and the Pacific. 
NCEconomics is a valuable partner in this venture as the social and economic aspects of water management are so important in the development context. Together we recently signed up to an exciting ecosystem services valuation project in Myanmar. 
Since beginning in March last year AI has been working in places such as Nepal, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos PDR and Tuvalu. We recently compiled a map of current and recent work - see here.
Our work in the international arena has helped drive us towards our vision of making the world a better place, and has been a great opportunity for our staff to travel and face the challenges presented by international work.