June 2011

Alluvium Canberra

14.06.2011 - Posted by Matt Francey

We are proud to announce our first ACT employee, David Barrett who has taken on the role of leading our Canberra office.

David comes from a senior role within the Bureau of Meteorology and has been working for the last few years on high level interpretation of hydrology and water resources data. His more distant past has involved work on the prey habits and movement patterns of house cats in Canberra and the feeding behaviour of elephants in South Africa.

The appointment of David builds on the extensive work we already do in Canberra. Through this effort we aim to become more available and responsive, and to develop a much better understanding of the needs of our clients in the ACT.

David will have a number of challenges, with the first being to get our new office up and running! We welcome David to the team and look forward to our future in the ACT.