Paddling the Lang Lang River

Paddling the Lang Lang River

17.03.2011 - Posted by Misko Ivezich
Recently Darcy and I paddled an inflatable kayak down the lower reaches of the Lang Lang River. The purpose of this trip was to identify potential fish barriers.

Once we located potential fish barriers we installed “PlantCams” to take hourly time-lapse images. “PlantCams” are weatherproof, digital cameras that take photos or videos at set time intervals. They’re primarily produced to monitor the growth of a plant, or your garden, so you can create seamless videos that last a few seconds, of your plants and garden growing over a period of weeks. However there are opportunities for these relatively cheap devices to be utilised within the natural resource industry.

We’re going to compare the images to hourly flow data and determine how the potential fish barriers behave hydraulically under a range of discharges. However they could be used for a range of purposes in remote areas where there simply aren’t the resources for natural resource managers to monitor in person at such regular intervals.

After spending nearly 10 hours navigating weirs, culverts and countless debris jams on our 14 km journey to Westernport, we decided it might be easier to walk home!