Green infrastructure strategy and urban cooling targets

Green infrastructure strategy and urban cooling targets

15.03.2018 - Posted by Kane Travis
A green infrastructure strategy and urban cooling targets were the first items to be tackled by our Mosaic insights Lab last week, and we were very grateful for the insightful and passionate contribution from representatives from DELWP, Parks Vic, CRCWSC, Melbourne Water and other consultants.
Mosaic Insights is a subsidiary business of Alluvium which is led by Neil McCarthy and is focused on social landscapes and liveability in our cities and urban centres. 
The venture is newly formed and we know broadly that we wish to create a business that provides direct and meaningful leadership in the advancement of liveability and sustainability of social landscapes. 
Our Lab sessions help us to understand the big picture issues and to focus our energy in the right places. Our recent lab discussion  certainly reinforced that human health, both physical and mental, is a core driver and perhaps even the crisis catalyst needed to change the way we think and how we plan and invest in infrastructure. 
We are planning on running a number of Labs to connect with the key thinkers and decision makers around Australia over the next two months. We also plan to have a new web page up and running in the next few weeks to better express our vision and purpose