November 2015

Improved fish passage in the Lang Lang River

24.11.2015 - Posted by Josh Tait
Heads Road weir was constructed in 1980 as an erosion control structure on the Lang Lang River in Victoria, about 75km south east of Melbourne. The structure is five metres high and therefore represents a significant barrier for fish migration. According to Melbourne Water’s Fishway’s Report (2001-2003), the removal of Heads Road weir is a high priority and will open up 90 kilometres of upstream waterway.

Heads Road weir (Source: Brian Cooper, 2014

Alluvium have been working with Melbourne Water to investigate opportunities to improve the condition of the Lang Lang River, including the need to provide fish passage. Since 2011 we have completed a fish passage assessment and geomorphic investigation of the Lower Lang Lang River, which included a concept design for this site. A fish lock was considered to be the best option for the site as it maximised fish passage (particularly for smaller fish like the galaxias spp.), had the smallest footprint and would be the cheapest to construct.

We are now nearing the completion of the functional design. In the next year or two we hope that Melbourne Water will be able to complete the design and construction of the fish lock, thereby significantly improving the opportunity for fish in the Lang Lang to migrate up and down the river.

Condamine Fishway

5.11.2015 - Posted by Michael Bain
I was in field yesterday reviewing progress in the construction of this fishway.  We worked with the Queensland Murray Darling Committee (QMDC) to modify the barrier at Condamine Town Weir. The whole native fish community will benefit from this structure on the Condamine river.