September 2009

Distilled - NWC monthly newsletter

30.09.2009 - Posted by Amanda Wealands
I quite like getting this newsletter each month.  It keeps me up to date with the latest from the National Water Commission. If you'd like to get it delivered straight to your email account like me, you can subscribe here. Happy reading!

eFlow-net - an online resource for environmental flows

23.09.2009 - Posted by Dom Blackham
A large amount of thought and research effort is going into the science and application of e-flows in Australia and overseas. A range of organisations have recognised this and come together to develop a website called eflownet to provide a central point where 'people can readily access or share eflows-related information, ranging from' terminology, links or contacts to details of scientific eflows methods, case studies, software or professional literature.'

As a bit of a taster, the top three new items on the site at the time of writing are:
  • Management of environmental flows within a changing climate
  • Interbasin transfers are not always the answer, says WWF study
  • River basin studies: A half-hearted attempt

eflownet can be accessed at

Welcome to the Alluvium blog

23.09.2009 - Posted by Dom Blackham
The blog gives us the opportunity to communicate some of the more informal and personal aspects of our business. Alluvium is founded on the basis of strong communication with our clients and stakeholders, and we hope the blog will make this easier.

We'll be posting a variety of content to the blog, including conference reports, opinion pieces, technical monographs and links to a range of interesting online resources, so please check back and keep up to date with the latest at Alluvium.