Alluvium has been working in the international market for the past decade, largely focussing on the Asia-Pacific region. Through this work we aim to draw on Alluvium’s skills and expertise to contribute to solutions to large scale and complex issues facing water resources and communities in the region.

Alluvium works with clients such as the Asian Development Bank and Australian Water Partnership in countries across the Asia-Pacific.

Alluvium has recently worked in Nepal, India, Myanmar, Laos PDR, Thailand, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, Samoa, Fiji and Columbia. See here for map of recent project locations.

An example list of past and current projects is provided below.

Strengthening River Basin Integrated Water Resource Planning and Management, Thailand

Use of models to inform basin planning initiatives in Thailand

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River basin planning - Policy and Institutional Assessment, India

Providing river basin modelling and water policy/regulatory expertise for river basin planning in India

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Hydrological data audit and capacity building in data management, Myanmar

Preparation of a quality assured database to enable basin planning and research in the Ayeyarwady Basin

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Determining optimal buffer strip characteristics in Sarawak, Malaysia

Undertaking practical research to identify guidelines for determining buffer strip characteristics to improve water quality

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Review of large-scale river diversions in Colombia

Review of large scale river diversions to ensure positive long term, landscape scale ecological outcomes

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River morphology risk assessment in Papua New Guinea

Detailed geomorphology assessments in remote areas of PNG

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Preparation of case studies and guidance on Island Ecosystem Management in the Pacific

Documenting best practice knowledge in Island Ecosystem Management

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Flow and sediment impact of navigation improvement works on the Mekong River

Planned navigation improvement works in the Lower Mekong River may impact on the environment and livelihoods

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Monitoring and evaluation framework for the green waste program, Tuvalu

Monitoring and evaluation advice in Tuvalu

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Developing an environmental policy and guidelines for Sabah, Malaysia

Developing policies and guidelines for environmental protection in Sabah, Malaysia

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